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Are you ready to ship under ISPM15 regulations?

For any UK business shipping goods within the EU, the latest changes to regulations will be a vital consideration. Wooden packaging, including pallets, must now meet ISPM15 standards when being shipped.

This regulation ensures pallets have been treated to eradicate pests and are then stamped to reinforce this action has been carried out. While demand and prices for these types of compliant pallets will be on the rise, there are alternatives to consider.

The best alternative to Wooden Pallets, is Plastic Pallets. Plastic Pallets completely avoid the ISPM15 regulations, are more hygienic and reliable, and making the switch now will minimize any potential disruption to your supply chain now that these regulations have come into effect.

While switching to Plastic will keep you compliant, Plastic Pallets also offer a whole host of other benefits such as being lightweight & easy to handle, space saving, environmentally friendly, consistent in size and strength, easy to clean and they provide an improved return on investment over time.

Here are a few more key reasons switching to plastic could save you time, money and space.

You can save money on airfreight costs with a nestable plastic pallet as they take up much less space on return journeys. They are also lightweight and easy to handle. As well as saving space in transit, you will also save space in storage, four times as many nestable plastic pallets can fit in to one stack compared to wooden pallets.

The environment is a key consideration when choosing your pallet, plastic pallets can be recycled, they also are available in recycled material. When you have used your plastic pallets, you can return them to Exporta where we will recycle them for you. Using less wood also helps to cut down on deforestation.

The size and strength of a plastic pallet is consistent due to the high quality manufacture. This is particularly useful for companies working with an automated system.

Naturally, there will be no more splinters with a plastic pallet. They are also contaminant free and easy to clean thanks to their smooth surfaces. Unlike wooden pallets which can quickly become mouldy, plastic pallets are impervious to moisture. This means they can be stored inside or out.

We also offer a range of hygiene pallets. These pallets are designed specifically for use in the pharmaceutical or food industry. They are made from one piece and have no areas to allow dirt to gather ensuring the contents of them remains completely free of any contamination.

We understand that in the current climate changing your pallet can be seen as a daunting and costly task, however, the long term return on investment when using plastic pallets is clear to see thanks to their much longer lifespan when compared to wood. We’re now offering a rental scheme, giving you the chance to try plastic pallets while spreading the cost over a longer period of time.

If you're still not sure, or you need some more information, Exporta’s team of industry experts are on hand to talk you through your options. We have over 100 years of combined industry experience for you to tap in to, ensuring you get the most from your shipping operation.

Our award winning customer account scheme offers you tailored pricing, a credit limit suited to your business and a dedicated product handling expert to manage your account.

At Exporta, we’re here to help you Move It, Store It and Secure It.

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