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Eaton’s Intrinsically Safe solutions enhance safe plant operation

Eaton has launched two new Intrinsically Safe (IS) products as part of the Crouse-Hinds series portfolio, which enable plant managers across process industries worldwide to ensure they are operating safely in hazardous zone 1 and zone 2 areas

The MTL RugiCAM high definition (HD) IS Ethernet camera, the first of its kind in the hazardous area market, and the 949x-PS-PLUS MTL IS power supply range provide a reliable source of power in harsh and hazardous environments.

The MTL RugiCAM IP camera monitors and provides enhanced visual safety to control automation systems installed on site, and provides additional security and visibility to specific hazardous locations within plants, so that safe operation can be maintained. Its lightweight design and simple mounting allows for easy installation wherever monitoring is required. It can be connected directly to compatible IS Ethernet systems up to 100 metres via a Cat5e cable or Wi-Fi, allowing for quick and easy maintenance, therefore saving time and associated costs. 

“Alternative IP cameras are housed in explosion-proof enclosures, which can be large, heavy and expensive to install, however the MTL RugiCAM IP camera is lightweight, compact and the IS approval allows safe, live network maintenance without the requirement for a gas clearance certificate,” said Roger Highton, Eaton’s MTL Product Line Manager. “This makes installation and maintenance much quicker, simpler and more cost-effective.”

The rugged camera is available in anodised aluminium or powder coated steel, whilst a six mm toughened glass window provides optimal protection in harsh environments. It is also available with an optional Infra-Red (IR) or white LED light unit that enhances the camera’s low-light capabilities.

The MTL RugiCAM IP provides an excellent HD resolution of 1080P and enhanced image analysis to give clear visibility of the process. It supports live video streaming via a H.264 compressed video format and Motion JPEG with user-selectable frame rates to reduce network bandwidths. In addition, it has a Micro-SD card slot that can be used as an optional back-up, giving increased flexibility and security to the end user.

The camera is ideal for applications including process monitoring, drilling operations, remote safety inspections and hazardous zone security in chemicals, pharmaceuticals and oil and gas industries. Additionally, for coal mining applications the MTL RugiCAM IP is ideal for monitoring long wall shearer operation, face roof supports and conveyor transfer points. 

The second new product is Eaton’s 949x-PS-PLUS range of MTL IS power supplies, which are ideal for providing IS power to the MTL RugiCAM and other IS instrumentation in hazardous process areas. A wide range of different IS output voltages are available ranging from 4.8V – 17.7V and are also capable of powering Zone 1 equipment such as Eaton’s MTL IS Ethernet modules.

The power supply units are suitable for connections in Gas Group IIB or Gas Group IIC hazardous areas, and provide a wider temperature range of -40°C to +70°C than previous generation power supplies. As such, users have the flexibility of a wide range of options to choose from to best fit their application. 

The 949x-PS-PLUS range can also be used with the MTL 9460-ET IS Ethernet product range to provide direct power or IS Power over Ethernet (PoExTM), which allows a single cable to provide both the data connection and electrical power to devices, in turn, reducing installation costs.

This product launch complements the MTL 9460-ET IS Ethernet product range, providing reliable IS network connectivity that support copper, fibre and WiFi, even in Zone 0 hazardous areas.

“Safety on a process plant is paramount,” continued Highton. “Eaton has over 40 years’ experience in hazardous areas, and with these new IS products now included in our extensive portfolio, plant managers can remain assured that their electrical equipment is continuing to operate safely.”

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