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Fast and resilient rubber repair

Henkel’s LOCTITE® polyurethane technology is highly effective for the running repair of conveyors belts and rubber parts such as liners in mills, pumps, feeding bowls, hoppers and chutes. These adhesive compounds are suitable for an exceptionally wide range of applications, even those in the most hostile environments. They are available from highly rigid grades to those that are extremely flexible and now there is a new addition to the range.

This latest development is LOCTITE PC 7352, a versatile, two-part, trowelable compound that can be used as a gap filler, repair and sealing paste, coating or even for rebuilding applications. The product rapidly cures at ambient temperature to a tough and resilient adhesive, making it an excellent choice for on-site tasks.

The thixotropic behaviour and sag resistance of LOCTITE PC 7352 allows it to be applied vertically or overhead; it can also be dispensed by manual handgun. When cured, it achieves a final harness of 70 Shore 1 – similar to that of rubber – and provides excellent tear strength, peel strength and abrasion resistance. 

The repair of conveyor belts is an ideal application for this new product, especially for relatively small areas, but its scope is far wider. LOCTITE PC 7352 can fill gaps between rubber liners, at corners or any other difficult-to-reach spots.  It is also suitable for applications on bat mills, flotation cells, chutes, ducts and screen decks in the mining environment as well as repairs to rubber walls, lifting and handling equipment and glass and stone processing machinery.

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