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Lift truck training goes paperless with new RTITB app

RTITB is set to transform the future of materials handling equipment training and assessments with the launch of MyRTITB TrainingFriend PRO – an Android app that makes the training administration and testing process completely paperless for the very first time.

The app is the first of its kind and runs on 7-10-inch Android tablets and works with and without Wi-Fi. Both candidates and the instructor use tablets that communicate with one another, so there is no need to print test papers, records of training, registration forms or any other paperwork. Everything is captured via the app, saving an average of five hours administration time per training course.

“In working closely with training providers, both commercial and in-house, it became very clear to us that a completely paperless solution for training administration and assessment would be hugely beneficial to our industry, both in terms of cost reduction and time savings,” explained Laura Nelson, managing director of RTITB.

“MyRTITB TrainingFriend PRO has been developed specifically to support businesses and instructors, ensuring that they can meet their training paperwork and compliance needs, as well as ensuring the accuracy of the data collected and tests administered.”

It is easy to switch over to paperless training and assessment and RTITB will be providing full support to those using the MyRTITB TrainingFriend PRO app, which covers training for more than 120 types of machine. Instructors can use the app for counterbalance, reach, rough terrain telescopic and pallet truck training, plus training for powered access equipment (MEWPs), lorry loaders, cranes and many more.

The app includes time-saving features to support instructors and businesses.  For instance, assessment papers no longer need to be created, and during assessment, the app automatically scores multiple-choice questions and can calculate practical test scores and results. With one click upload from the app, users can avoid duplicating data entry work as they do not need to manually retype training and assessment data into their databases.

Instructors are further supported as the app comes pre-loaded with the rules for Basic Operator Skills Testing. Its inbuilt intelligence also prevents the wrong materials from ever being used, as only relevant documents and options for the specific course, and the particular company, will be visible.

The app also automatically creates a comprehensive Training Record at the end of the course. This PDF document, along with End of Course reports, can be sent on to configurable email addresses, so companies and instructors no longer have to worry about this paperwork being lost.

“As a forward-looking organisation, we’re extremely proud to have created a solution which supports the needs of materials handling equipment training providers, both now and in the future,” concluded Nelson.

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