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New canopy improves safety and work flow

Chemicals firm Johnson Matthey needed a canopy structure to create a covered loading area for trailers due to concerns that the wind around the trailer posts could cause whiplash and become a safety risk for employees.

The team at Johnson Matthey contacted three UK canopy providers. CopriSystems proved to be the best choice as Johnson Matthey were impressed with the company’s in depth knowledge, competitive prices and how easy the team were to deal with.

Sarah Brown, logistics manager at Johnson Matthey says the organisation were very happy with how the team at CopriSystems were able to guide them through the process as they themselves were initially unsure of what kind of temporary structure they needed. 

CopriSystems proposed a scheme bespoke for them and available for rental which could be installed with minimum delay and disruption on the site. The rental agreement was tailored to a five year term with option to purchase at the end and enabled the facility to be funded from a revenue budget.

The facility, measuring 36m wide with a length of 18m is in two sections. The main section, used for loading of vehicles, has a width of 24m, a length of 18m and an internal height of 5.57m. A storage section on one side has a width of 12m, a length of 18m and a height of 4.3m. The frame is of hot-dipped galvanised steel with a heavy duty PVC coated polyester fabric under tension to increase longevity. The front access is provided by full width steel-reinforced sliding curtains of the same fabric running in a steel-lined chase in the concrete base. The rear has a fixed curtain using the same design. A roller shutter door was provided in one side together with a pedestrian side exit door. Lighting was also supplied to 150 lux.

“Burglars tried to cut to the structure built by CopriSystems but were unsuccessful.”

Since CopriSystems installed the structures they have required very little maintenance. In fact, the team at Johnson Matthey have only needed to tighten the canopy’s Velcro straps which are attached to the steel structure underneath.

Since the installation, the canopy has withstood harsh weather conditions and also an attempted break in. According to Sarah, “burglars tried to cut their way in” but were unsuccessful. Afterwards, the tears in the canopy were sealed using patches on the inside which have held together well and can’t be seen from the outside.

Johnson Matthey took a further step to getting the most out of their canopy by deciding to build an office inside the structure. This has made work flow much more efficient which was “an unexpected benefit”, Sarah agrees.

When asked about her experience with CopriSystems’ installation crew, Sarah commented that they were “quick, easy and worked safely”. The crew also worked through all the onsite systems which Johnson Matthey found to be a “major bonus”.  Sarah also said that she was impressed with CopriSystems’ ability to offer a quick process from start to finish.

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