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Paragon routing software balances warehouse loading

Paragon Software Systems has added a special “Despatch Smoothing” feature to its transport routing and scheduling software to avoid bottlenecks in warehouse despatch. Transport plans focus on meeting customer demands with available transport resources but do not generally consider the capabilities of the warehouse to load the vehicles. The Despatch Smoothing option within the Paragon software enables companies to balance the needs of logistics and warehousing operations by optimising workflows that improve efficiency by ensuring that all available resources are being used effectively.  
The routing and scheduling optimisation software, for example, makes it possible to plan the optimised loads for despatch in a way that enables the warehouse to easily cope with the demand. Paragon software does this by controlling the profile of the loads prepared for despatch from the warehouse and automating the scheduling of vehicles, so that departures within a given period are achievable using the available warehouse resources – people, loading bays and equipment. This Despatch Smoothing functionality helps to optimise the route schedules in such a way that these available warehouse resources are not overburdened while maintaining customer service excellence.  
“In many of today’s logistics operations, transport and warehousing functions are inter-dependent”, explains Phil Ingham, Paragon support director.  “If the transport scheduling fails to take account of warehouse constraints, the net result can be late despatch and late delivery. The new feature helps address this issue so that good customer service is maintained'.

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