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Range of CHP waste heat recovery systems expanded

Specialist supplier of power generation and energy support systems, shentongroup, has expanded its powertherm range of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems. By combining its expertise with that of its European partners, SEVA AG and Tedom, shentongroup now supplies its powertherm range in over 60 sizes ranging from 7kW to 2MW and in five package styles that include open sets, acoustic enclosures, compact series, containerised and total pre-fabricated plant room packages.

In addition, powertherm is available with seven different fuel types including natural gas, LPG, biogas, vegetable oils, biodiesel, PPO and mineral diesel.

The package design can encompass all the CHP components within an acoustic enclosure thereby providing very low noise output plant room environments together with neatness of design and ease of access.

Powertherm is also said to eliminate the possibility of brown or black outs as well as improve the quality of power delivered to businesses. The system’s synchronising controllers enable powertherm to run in sync with a standby generator or the normal mains supply.

Powertherm’s waste heat recovery provides heating for hot water, space heating or even air conditioning. This reduces energy consumption and enables commercial and industrial customers to offset gas and electricity consumption. The system’s low exhaust emissions ensure that powertherm can meet total compliance with existing and pending UK regulations.

The powertherm series is available with a maintenance package that includes shentongroup’s Internet based remote monitoring system, which provides an automatic indication of any faults or changes to operational efficiency. Customers benefit from Infinium24 or ThermoCare, guaranteed fixed cost maintenance plans that ensure all ­components are maintained. This ensures the efficiency of the CHP system is at peak level throughout its life and is a mandatory requirement for most forms of government funding, and Carbon Trust initiatives.

Infinium 24 allows a true ‘whole of life cost’ to be calculated accurately therefore allowing the return of investment to be accurately predicted and also enables energy cost savings to be guaranteed.

Offering several innovations from shentongroup and its manufacturing partners, SEVA AG and Tedom, the powertherm series is said to enhance the energy profile of a site whilst improving its energy costs and reducing its carbon footprint.

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