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Redwigwam sees huge surge in flexible worker registrations

Record numbers of people are signing up as flexible workers and helping to meet recruitment demands during the coronavirus pandemic.

More than 2,500 workers registered with Redwigwam, the UK’s leading flexible working company, last week – compared to an average of 600 in a typical week.

Many of them were people who had lost their jobs because of the outbreak or had had their working hours reduced.

Redwigwam, which now has 114,000 flexible workers registered on its online platform, has launched its #letsstayafloat campaign matching the right workers with the right companies as the crisis develops.

It is already supplying vital workers to a range of sectors including food retailers and logistics and transport businesses to help them combat the challenges posed by the pandemic.

The Liverpool-based company has also waived all fees for employers recruiting workers for the foreseeable future. More than 3,000 businesses are registered with Redwigwam.

Lorna Davidson, Founder and CEO of Redwigwam, said: “We are working round the clock to help match the right workers with the right businesses.

“We are in constant contact with companies in sectors such as food retail and manufacturing as well as those specialising in logistics, transport and distribution.

“Last week, our team registered 2,500 new workers looking for part-time and ad hoc jobs.

“Among them were trainee teachers, airline cabin crew and other people who had been working in the hospitality sector.

“We have workers of all ages and many of them just want to do their bit to help businesses tackle the huge pressures and challenges created by coronavirus.

“We took the decision to waive our fees for the foreseeable future for two reasons – to help businesses get the people they need as quickly as possible and, secondly, to meet our responsibility to provide work for as many of our wigwammers as we possibly can.

“There is a huge effort underway to do everything necessary to help the UK stay afloat during the coronavirus crisis and we want to play our part in every way we can.”

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