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Sanding dust: Problem solved

When an existing sanding booth was proving insufficient to cope with the dust generated during manual wood sanding processes at furniture manufacturer, Lyndon Design, the company asked AirBench to provide a solution.

Lyndon Design is a high-end designer and manufacturer of stylish furniture, typically supplying to the hospitality and leisure industries. Established in the early 1980s, Lyndon has grown to establish its own style and design approach with a range of popular lines.

Following a full site survey and demonstration, AirBench recommended a large, HEPA filtered downdraught bench from its FN range, configured to discharge via ducting outside the booth.

Lyndon installed the unit using its own team. The result is a cleaner, more effective workspace and employees are now happy to work within the booth. Operators have been able to move from Canister masks to paper-type P3 masks, so comfort (and productivity) have been greatly improved.

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