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Innovation: The Key to Making Manufacturing Smarter

Nicole Ballantyne … UK productivity has been on the decline since even before Covid-19 shut the economy down. But now that a Brexit deal has been agreed, the UK needs to up its game to keep up with the rest of the world post-pandemic. Nicole Ballantyne at KTN explains the role manufacturing has to…

  • 18/02/2021

New High Bright 55” Sunlight Readable TFT Display Suitable for Outdoor Applications

Display Technology Ltd are pleased to announce the new 55” full HD TFT display P550HVN12.0 from AUO. The sunlight readable display has a high brightness of 4500 cd/m² with High Tni 110°C liquid crystal technology to prevent the display from turning black when exposed to the sunlight.

  • 27/01/2021
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Update on omlox, the world’s first positioning standard for industry

omlox is the world’s first open locating standard! omlox paves the way to industry 4.0 and supply chain transparency by unifying all locating technologies in one open, interoperable standard. While supporting location technologies like GNSS, 5G/LTE, WIFI, RFID or BLE, omlox has a specific…

  • 14/01/2021

3000W configurable AC/DC power supply offering intelligent digital power with 24 isolated outputs

Components Bureau part of the Fortec Group based in Cambridgeshire are pleased to offer Advanced Energy’s Excelsys CoolX®3000 series. The new small sized configurable power supply offers an incredible 3000W in a small package of 300 x 131 x 120mm, addressing the requirement for smaller…

  • 14/01/2021
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Panel PC with Core I7 Processor suitable for Industrial use

The new POS-Line V2 17.3” Panel PC Monitor with Core i7 Board and full HD resolution is available from Display Technology Ltd. One special feature the new Panel PC offers is its own heat management so there is no requirement for fans for cooling even though the processor has a clock speed of…

  • 07/01/2021

260W AC-DC open frame baseplate cooled power supply suitable for extreme environments

Components Bureau part of the Fortec Group based in Cambridgeshire are pleased to offer Cincons new CFM260S series. The new series offers a high efficiency of up to 93.5% and a very wide temperature range of -30°C to +80°C, which covers most of the extreme environments for industrial…

  • 02/12/2020
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BoxPC Pro 7300 from Display Technology Ltd for challenging industrial applications

Display Technology Ltd are pleased to announce the new Embedded Box PC ‘BoxPC Pro 7300’ from our sister company Distec GmbH in Germering, Germany. Core of the Embedded box PC is the long-term available Intel® Core™ i5-7300U processor of the 7th generation. "Our newly developed…

  • 18/11/2020

160W AC/DC Switch Adapter for Medical applications

Components Bureau are pleased to announce the new TR160M series from Cincon, the 160W Medical Switch Desktop Adapter offers Class I(C14) or Class II(C8) options with a wide universal input range of 80-264VAC. The TR160M series offers 8 models with 4 different outputs 12, 24, 36 and 48VDC and an…

  • 10/11/2020

omlox: the open locating standard for Industry 4.0

omlox: Motivation … Any manufacturing site has an incredible amount of moving objects. They have orders, material, carriers, tools, people, transport-equipment, and so on. How can we create a digital representation of these at a reasonable cost and based on a standard, which will allow full…

  • 29/10/2020

The easy way to connect IO-Link sensors to the cloud

ifm electronic has launched an easy-to-use plug-and-play data acquisition solution that allows IO-Link sensors to send process values to the cloud even from locations where no network connection is available. The new IO Key supports up to two IO-Link sensors and transmits data via the GSM mobile…

  • 29/10/2020