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Focus on competitiveness and resilience will make 2021 a big year for robots, KUKA predicts

Whilst 2020 was the toughest year in decades for manufacturing and the British and Irish economies KUKA posted record robot sales last year, with demand coming from across manufacturing, education and training, the medical device sector in Ireland, and a substantial contract with electric vehicle…

  • 06/01/2021

Korea hits new record of 300,000 industrial robots in operation 

The World Robotics report presented by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) shows a new record stock of about 300,000 operational industrial robots in the Republic of Korea in 2018 (+10 per cent). Within five years, the country has doubled its number of industrial robots. Following Japan…

  • 12/12/2019

OnRobot’s one system solution wins gold in LEAP Awards

OnRobot, manufacturer of end-of arm tools (EoAT) for collaborative robots, is pleased to announce its One System Solution has been awarded the gold medal in the Industrial Automation category of the LEAP awards. The software was recognised for making robotic applications faster and easier to…

  • 19/11/2019

Survey data: Safety fears over use of robots in medical procedures

Only nine per cent of people would prefer to undergo surgery carried out by a robot surgeon compared to a human, despite recent advances in technology that have led to a rise in the use of robotics in a medical setting. This is according to a new survey, conducted by specialist distributor of…

  • 19/11/2019