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Byworth Boiler Hire is the UK’s leading industrial boiler hire company for both steam and hot water boilers.

Innovators in the world of boilers, we push boundaries to deliver outstanding solutions. The standard of our boiler fleet is incomparable with well-maintained, fuel efficient and modern boiler plant designed and manufactured in our own UK based factory.

Byworth Boiler Hire, the first to offer portable boilers for hire some forty years ago, is still at the forefront for quality and capability.  Our extensive fleet is continuously being innovated and enlarged, leading with the latest advances in engineering and technology, to ensure maximum continuity and efficiency.  Advances that deliver the most efficient and effective modern package boilers bringing added benefits that often offset rental costs.

Short term hire is the solution for emergency repairs, to cover annual inspections and maintenance as well as peak seasonal loading ensuring stability and security of supply.  This is particularly relevant in industries such as food manufacturing and the healthcare sector.

Long term hire is increasingly the preferred choice when ageing plant needs to be completely replaced as the cash flow advantages of hiring the latest fuel efficient boilers can be the most cost effective route to take.  Byworth’s expert project management team work with the client to specify and design purpose-built boiler plant rooms including all ancillary feed, fuel and blow down tanks including water softening equipment. These plant rooms can be containerised or in purpose built pre-fabricated boiler houses; both giving a true turnkey project with minimal site work.  By hiring the massive capital outlay of purchasing new plant is avoided, full servicing and maintenance costs are covered and staff training is available.

Throughout the whole process of hiring and installation Byworth’s experienced engineers work with the onsite staff.  Unity, Byworth’s remote monitoring system, can also be installed which keeps track of boiler operating conditions and facilitates quick diagnosis of any site issues, enabling quick response and ensuring the boiler remains operational.

Byworth Boiler Hire – the leaders in our field.