Detailed Information

Palamatic is based in Chesterfield and is well situated for distribution of product to all parts of the UK and Overseas. The company employs over 50 local people in a wide range of roles covering sales and marketing, design and project engineering, production and after-sales services.

Experts in all areas of lifting and handling solutions including vacuum tube lifting systems, support gantries, automatic sack opening machinery and bespoke handling solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. They also keep a stock of spare parts for standard systems.

There range of vacuum tube lifters developed over 35 years can handle products throughout the manufacturing process. From simple de palletising and product stacking to the fast and safe loading and unloading of product, Palamatic has or can tailor a solution for that meets your logistics requirements for products weighing up to 350kg.  Most commonly product is packaged in boxes, sacks or shrink wrapped either singularly or multiple product in layers.

Pallet inspection and sorting can also be handled using one of the simple to use lifters by just one operator with speed and efficiency. Palamatic provides many of the largest and smaller pallet manufacturing and distribution companies throughout the UK and worldwide with systems to upkeep this huge demand.

Palamatic’s range of stainless steel end effectors are designed by a team of engineers working closely with product specialists throughout our sales, project and R&D departments. Onsite fabrication and polishing capabilities at our 22,000sq/ft factory offers scope to produce solutions for customers that suit their specific requirements.

Vacuum tube lifters have been a proven technology for over 35 years to handle loads in most manufacturing industries but generally these solutions require a two-handed operation. More recently single-handed versions have been developed to solve the end of line production processes in companies who are palletising onto adjustable pallets that change height so the operator can comfortably stack the product as the stack grows. However, this type of adjustable pallet is only effective up to a range of 1000mm stack height.

To fulfil a customer’s need to stack to 2000mm high Palamatic’s engineers designed a new lifting solution ‘the Uni LITE FLEX’ that enables the operator to pick the boxes in a single-handed operation, scan the bar code and to stack the pallet up to 2000mm high. The operators benefit from the ergonomic safety of a lifting solution that eliminates awkward movements and protects backs, hands and wrists.

Palamatic’s Uni-LITE FLEX solution combines unique safety features allowing the operator to raise and lower the product while keeping the release of the load under their control. The ergonomic release trigger mechanism is operated with the positive lift-off action ensuring there is no difficulty in detaching the load cleanly and quickly even at heights of 2000mm.

Palamatic are pleased to have fulfilled this ergonomic lifting solution designed for all high-speed parcel distribution centres.

Their mobile lifting trolleys, designed in stainless steel and suitable for GMP areas, can also be used to lift and transport product throughout a factory and can be manually pushed or powered.