In production, engineering and manufacturing companies, machinery will be the biggest consumer of energy. If a company can understand how their machines are using energy, they can implement measures to reduce consumption and their carbon footprint.


The planet was warmer by 1.2 degrees Celsius from January to October in 2020 than the pre-industrial average measured between 1850 and 1900, there is little doubt of the serious implications of the rate of global warming on the planet we call home.

The main task for COP26 is to follow through on this commitment and produce realistic plans to reduce global carbon emissions to levels that do not increase global warming as close to 1.5 by 2050. The main goal is strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty.

Rising Energy Costs

With energy prices set to rise further during 2022 by more than 50% in the UK, it is vital that companies use energy as efficiently as possible to avoid unnecessary costs.

Of The Top Main Causes of Global Warming

Cause 2: Industrial Activity. So, the question then becomes, what can organisations in the industrial sector do?

There are many ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the industrial sector, including energy efficiency.

Two of the biggest ways a company can waste energy are by using aging and inefficient equipment or by leaving machines/equipment running needlessly. Inefficient energy consumption will lead to unnecessary costs.

The roadmap to net-zero varies for every organisation depending on the size and energy consumption. However, every organisation can start in the same place, the first step to reducing a business’s carbon emissions is to know and understand its energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Using energy monitoring solutions provided by CDL, you can remotely monitor your company’s energy consumption, meaning you can then take the first steps to become carbon neutral.

Simplify your pathway to net-zero with CDL remote monitoring and digital insights in which you can make informed decisions.

For businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions they first must understand their own carbon footprint. This can only be possible by monitoring energy usage. Installing smart energy monitoring tools like the Nano ULTRA Matrix+ a wireless multi-sensor monitoring system to a company’s production assets can give key energy insights that can shape any sustainability initiatives.

CDL Remote Energy Monitoring is your carbon net-zero super tool.            

Sustainability must start with energy management, and what you cannot measure, you cannot manage.

Comprehensive and data-driven asset energy monitoring can be a powerful tool on the roadmap towards businesses becoming carbon net-zero.

By combining next-generation technologies and in-house expertise, Caption Data provides the tools needed for businesses to become carbon neutral.

Our CDL Smart Energy Monitoring systems provide detailed energy usage and reporting right to the CDLSmarthub. The smart hub provides real-time energy performance insights via an intuitive, easy-to-understand dashboard. The CDLSmartHub is accessible from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC without having to install software or apps, so you can access the data from anywhere at any time.

Real-time energy monitoring insights can provide information on the efficiency of assets and machinery which will help limit wastage, improve operational efficiency, and reduce ever-growing energy bills and associated costs.

We use our expertise in measuring and monitoring energy use to reduce our clients’ energy bills. During our on-site surveys and consultation processes, we can find and report on untapped measure points to give you the true picture of your business’s energy consumption.

Our remote energy usage monitors utilise the internet of things (IoT) allowing us to provide detailed reporting for:

·     Business carbon footprint

·     Business energy usage

·     Power monitoring

Features of a CDL Energy Monitoring Solution:

·     Connect to your assets, production lines, and manufacturing equipment.

·     Increase efficiency

·     Use alerts and triggers to ensure your operations are always running efficiently.

·     Predict and forecast future power consumption

·     Reduce wastage

Plus, much more.


Nano ULTRA-III Range

·     Enterprise grade IoT gateway

The NanoULTRA-III Elite delivers a truly scalable, enterprise grade solution for industrial applications. Standard connectivity features include 2G/3G/4G, Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Options are available for worldwide accreditation making for a truly global offering

·     Universal Connectivity

On board I/O’s and powerful modbus (RS232/485 and TCP) connectivity deliver a flexible range of asset interfacing options. A range of signal conditioning modules are available to make signal expansion capacity to 100’s I/O’s

·     Edge based intelligence

Sending ‘all of the data, all of the time’ can contribute to non-viable, cellular data costs. The NanoULTRA – III range enables you to act on the data that you need and when you need it

·     CDLSmartHub™ IoT Platform

The NUIII range of IoT gateways work seamlessly with the CDL IoT platform – CDLSmartHub. The platform helps you deliver insights from your asset data in near real time through a standard browser. The platform has evolved over 13 Years and is fully scalable, secure and resilient

Nano ULTRA-Matrix+ Wireless Multi-Sensor Monitoring System

·     Simple Setup and Easy-To-Use

Simply switch it on and start monitoring! You can manage all system settings online remotely with our Cloud based IoT platform the CDLSmartHub

·     Long Battery Life

Typically, 5+ Year’s battery life

·     Extra Inputs

Extensive range of sensors available

·     Wireless Sensor Network

Long range wireless sensors allowing for minimal disruption during installation – no reliance on local IT networks to transmit data

·     2000m Line of Sight Sensor Range

Up to 5000m line of sight and 2000m indoor sensor range

Start your business journey to net-zero with simple, affordable energy monitoring solutions from Caption Data.

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