Add a Maximizer™ to the ultra-reliable Autobag® AB 180 for flexible kit and multi-item packing with improved accuracy, quality and efficiency and lower packaging costs.

Capable of conveying and counting hand load items at speeds up to 70 batches per minute, the Maximizer controlled-motion flighted conveyor can double the productivity of hand load packaging applications.

Product is retrieved from the loading trays and put into Maximizer flights at sp

eed by an operator.  A conveyor transports product to an electronic field eye where it’s detected, dispensed via an accumulating funnel into a pre-opened bag, then sealed and separated. 

The Maximizer is fully adjustable, handling varying product sizes and multiples of kit elements with ease to reduce labour demands, increase productivity and cut packaging waste. Fast bag changes guarantee flexibility while on-pack printing boosts brand value and traceability.  For details go to