Start-ups may shoot for the stars. Getting there, however, requires reliable support. For mid-sized companies that want to grow their business, that aid usually comes in the form of process automation. In case of cartoning, the updated BEC endload cartoner from Kliklok, a Syntegon company, offers a state-of-the-art process automation solution.

The entry-level machine, which will be on display at this year’s interpack, targets mid-sized companies that seek to automate their production. “The latest Kliklok BEC offers the benefits of our proven machine series combined with the latest technological advancements to meet the requirements of automated production processes,” Russell Morgan, Technical Sales Director at Kliklok in Bristol, explains. “We put special emphasis on process stability, easy line integration and maximum connectivity with Syntegon’s Digital Service Solutions.

Servo drives for stability

The BEC’s recent upgrade includes servo motors instead of mechanical drive technology – a key requirement for stable processes. Switching to servo technology allowed Kliklok to ideally synchronize different drive components, securing repeatable product placement. The more precisely products are placed into the cartons, the less rejects and downtimes customers will face.

Moreover, the machinery experts from Bristol redesigned the BEC’s frame, reducing its footprint while still offering an accessible, operator friendly layout in a hygienic stainless-steel execution (IP54). Beckhoff controls in discrete CPU boxes allow for simple cabling without electrical cabinets, leading to a compact overall layout. The BEC’s reduced footprint particularly lends itself to operating the cartoner on limited floor space.

Digital service connection

As an organization continues to grow, the more it will want to monitor core processes with the greatest possible accuracy, while optimizing overall line performance. This, in turn, requires full access to digital services. With its state-of-the-art HMI 4.0, the BEC supports optimal line integration and enables easy connectivity with Syntegon’s Digital Service Solutions.

Comprehensive overview and assistance

The intuitive, easily structured HMI provides production data at the touch of a button: besides tracking key OEE data, machine settings and alarms, the interface guides operators through the machine’s set-up and start-up. Instructional videos assist them during the different steps. Customers who wish to upgrade the latest BEC generation even further can choose from a range of additional options. These include vibration and temperature monitoring of key technical components like bearings and motors. “Those functionalities contribute to reducing downtime, since they allow to schedule pre-emptive maintenance work,” Russell Morgan points out.

A full range of connectivity options and controls further enables customers to easily connect the machine not only to a company’s higher-level system (e. g., ERP), but to integrate it with existing upstream and downstream equipment – and much more. “Our service solutions support customers in their quest to improve their OEE by providing greater visibility of their processes,” Russell Morgan says. “With the HMI 4.0, customers now benefit not only from enhanced connectivity, but the but the ability to access information on performance down to a component level.”

Live demo in Duesseldorf

At interpack 2023, the BEC will be on display as part of an integrated line to demonstrate the packing of single cakes. A Syntegon Robotic Pick-and-Place (RPP) platform will group and place four flow-wrapped pieces into the infeed of the BEC, which will then sideload into them the cartons at a speed of up to 135 cartons per minute. To this effect, the machine’s patented rotary carton feeder pulls the carton blanks from a stack and fully erects them before the products are securely placed inside, ensuring optimal carton control. Once cartoned, an Elematic 1001 TL case packer will load the cartons into RSC cases using a toploading process.

Service Agreements: support at fixed costs

Just like for all Syntegon equipment, Syntegon’s redesigned Service Agreements will be available for the new BEC endload cartoner. The Service Agreement packages ensure customers effective asset and maintenance management at fixed costs. Seven dedicated Service Agreement levels help customers from the pharmaceutical and food industries to reduce production risks, gain predictability over service costs and simplify complex processes – enabling them to focus on their core business. With each level, customers receive support, from basic service including inspection and remote service to guaranteed production performance for their machines. The Service Agreements provide customers with ease of mind regarding their equipment’s overall lifetime costs from Level 4 upwards. Besides planned maintenance and operator training, services at this stage include all parts at fixed costs to make this promise a reality.

One essential aspect of the Service Agreements is Synexio, a new cloud-based software solution for the acquisition, evaluation and visualization of equipment and production data. Syntegon will release three consecutive packages of Synexio, with the entry-level package “Monitor” available for the BEC in 2023. This package visualizes various KPIs to help companies achieve transparency over their production. At this year’s interpack, Synexio’s follow-up package “Uptime” will be launched, allowing customers to understand machine performance and identify improvement potentials.


Learn more about Syntegon technologies and services and meet the experts from May 4 to 10 at interpack 2023 in Duesseldorf. Visit us at booth A31 to B31 in hall 6.

Kliklok’s BEC endload cartoner redefines process stability and data transparency