Aventics have pushed ahead with its international expansion. From 1 May, 2017, Aventics India started operations in its new company premises in Bangalore. The location in the South of India includes sales offices, a direct shop floor area and a warehouse. Additional Aventics sales offices have been established in Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Pune, while another sales office is being planned for business in Delhi.

Anthony Raju Suresh has taken over the role of general manager of operations in India. A mechanical engineer with a post-graduate diploma in Strategic Management, Suresh spent his whole career with automation and fluid technology, in India and other countries.

International expansion is an integral part of the Aventics growth strategy. “The Indian market allows for growth and expansion. Customers have asked for more locally produced goods and we have listened, hence the investment in manufacturing as well as the sales offices. Our customers are increasingly looking for easy-to-use and economic products,” said Paul Cleaver, CEO of Aventics. “We are expecting growth as we continue to facilitate easy access to our products and services for our customers around the world,” added Cleaver.

In 2016, Aventics established sales units in Spain, Singapore and Mexico to better serve customers in these regions. In spring 2017, the company announced the acquisition of Vector Horizon Technology, a US based company developing clean energy systems with a focus on emission control systems and advanced mechatronic devices.