Industrial process heating equipment and solutions specialist Babcock Wanson has launched two new electric boiler ranges: the VAP EL 400V three-phase, 50Hz electric steam boiler, with models from 16 to 360 kW; and the e-Pack industrial electric boiler, with models from 500 to 17,000 KG/H.

As with all electric steam boilers, VAP EL and e-Pack use electrical energy to boil water and produce steam for process heating. Unlike many others though, they are configured for high efficiency approaching 100% with only minor standing losses.  The boilers start quickly on demand – ideal for locations where grid power fluctuates – and react well to change of load.  Steam can be produced in a matter of minutes depending on the capacity of the boiler.

Precise control of steam pressure – 4.5, 7 or 8.5 barg as standard, with higher pressures available on demand – has been built into the VAP EL, with multi stage and fully modulating input of power.  With e-Pack boilers, the NAViNERGY operating system allows both on site and remote monitoring of operating parameters, for maximum convenience.

In addition to their high efficiency, VAP EL and e-Pack electric boilers have a number of further benefits, including simple installation.  As the boilers do not consume fossil fuel, there is no requirement for chimneys, fuel storage or complicated gas piping.  In the case of VAP EL, its compact size also means it requires minimum space for installation.  All models are fully integrated and come with a Babcock Wanson factory tested control system for simple and reliable operation and are fully certified by Babcock Wanson in accordance with the PED for operation throughout Europe.  They are delivered ready to operate, with just the connection to the electricity, feed water and the steam users required.  Commissioning is controlled and repeatable.

Being powered by electricity, VAP EL and e-Pack boilers offer substantial environmental advantages as they produce no waste combustion gases and have very low overall emissions.  From an operational perspective, this has the added benefit of removing the need for periodic monitoring of atmospheric emissions.  Furthermore, they are quiet in operation and their robust construction ensures safe operation and long life, which adds to their environmental credentials.

VAP EL and e-Pack can be used in diverse process industries, such as food processing, drying, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical, but are best suited to locations where electricity is a readily available and low-cost resource, or where it is not feasible to install a fossil fuel fired traditional boiler.

A full range of ancillary equipment, including feed water tanks and pressurised and atmospheric thermal deaerators, plus pressure reducing stations and steam control valves are available with VAP EL and e-Pack.

The VAP EL and e-Pack series of electric steam boilers are the latest addition to Babcock Wanson’s range of products and services for boiler houses and other process heating needs, including steam generators, thermal fluid heaters, hot water boilers, VOC and odour treatment by thermal oxidation, water treatment and process air heating solutions.  The company aims to help optimise customer’s energy production with high quality products and efficient service.


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