Babcock Wanson Steam Boiler Top of The Class at Food Peeling Test Centre

Oct 14, 2022 | Food & Beverage

TOMRA Food, one of the world’s largest peeling solutions providers, has installed a Babcock Wanson VAP600RR Coil Type Steam Boiler into its test centre in Dublin, Ireland, where it is being used to carry out tests and demonstrations for food peeling applications.

The VAP600RR is being used at high pressure – 29 bar – to produce steam which is used to peel potatoes and other vegetables. Steam peeling is the most efficient method of removing skin from vegetables, resulting in significant savings of raw material and energy. TOMRA Food is the leader in steam peeling and food sorting, and their solutions are present in the processing facilities of the world’s leading food producers.

The TOMRA Food facility in Ireland is home to the company’s research and development team for steam peeling. From this base the team of experts host online steam peeling demonstrations, which enable food processors from around the world to be part of the demonstration and experience the performance of TOMRA’s peeling solution.

Although Babcock Wanson has worked with TOMRA Food on third-party projects on a number of occasions, this is the first time TOMRA Food has become a direct client. Previously, TOMRA Food used a different type of steam boiler to produce steam for the peeling process, but this was insufficient for their needs. The Babcock Wanson VAP600RR Coil Type Steam Boiler, featuring three full gas passes plus an in-built combustion air pre-heater for high operating efficiency, proved an ideal replacement.

With the availability of steam from a cold start in as little as three minutes and a low volume of water under pressure, the VAP600RR combines efficiency with safety, even at very high working pressure, all of which made it the ideal choice for this unusual application where usage is intermittent. A further benefit is its small footprint and no requirement for a large pressure vessel, making it fit into the relatively small confines of the test centre and enabling it to be installed locally to the steam user.

Babcock Wanson has supplied the VAP600RR with a full set of ancillaries, including water treatment, feed tank, blowdown vessel and separator.

Babcock Wanson offers a complete range of products and services for boiler houses and other process heating needs, from steam boilers, thermal fluid heaters, rapid steam generators, process air heaters and hot water boilers to VOC and odour treatment by thermal oxidation, water treatment or process air heating solutions. The company aims to help optimise customer’s energy production with high quality products and efficient service.

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