Prime Vision, a global expert in computer vision integration and robotics for logistics and e-commerce, has won a contract to supply robots to support e-fulfilment operations at Babydump, a leading Dutch provider of baby products. The robots will seamlessly integrate with the company’s existing site infrastructure, further automating processes to fulfil orders faster and more efficiently.

Babydump is part of the FTH group and was founded in the 1970s as a retailer of baby products. It’s now market leader in its segment with a thriving online operation and 14 stores throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. The business offers baby rooms, prams, car seats, buggies, high chairs, baby clothing and many more baby essentials.

To meet growth, become more sustainable and improve efficiency, Babydump has been automating operations at its site in Sint-Oedenrode. In this omnichannel warehouse, all online and offline are processed seamlessly. Following the installation of an Autostore warehouse management system and carton sealing machines, Babydump required robots to expedite the distribution of boxes at the site. Prime Vision was selected to provide 12 robots for the project, thanks to its deep knowledge of e-commerce logistical processes, experience in warehouse robotics with over 700 robots supplied globally, and the company’s local presence, which was an ideal combination for Babydump.

With the deployment of the self-driving machines, Babydump aims to reduce order delivery times and improve customer service. Prime Vision will also provide IT technology for software integration with warehouse management systems and a charging station for robotic batteries. The robots are expected to be fully operational by December 2023.

Richard Hagen, Account Director at Prime Vision, welcomed the announcement: “We are excited to work with Babydump, applying the latest available solutions to optimise its warehouse processes. This is an important milestone for us and we look forward to demonstrating the benefits in terms of efficiency and flexibility.”

Managing Director of Babydump, Henk Timmer, endorses that vision: “For us, being at the forefront of innovation, continuity and sustainability is in our DNA. Prime Vision’s solution fits perfectly with that.”

Robots deliver scalability and efficiency for warehouse operations, with the ability to expand the fleet and programme new routes ideal for accommodating growth. Offering a 35 kg carrying capacity and an 80 cm x 60 cm loading surface, Prime Vision robots can meet multiple parcel requirements, with additional customisations available.