An installation of 99 loading bays by Stertil Dock Products supports a revolutionary DHL distribution hub at Manchester Airport City.

Situated close to junction 6 of the M56 Motorway, the location of the DHL distribution hub is ideal to meet growing demand for parcels traffic between Manchester Airport and the North West. The company’s 37,308 sq ft facility incorporates a mix of conventional loading bays and specially shaped bays to accommodate Mercedes Sprinter vans. In fact, the site replicates a similar installation at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Prior to securing the contract, Stertil Dock Products constructed a prototype installation within its premises in Northampton. Extensive trials of the prototype proved the performance, effectiveness and reliability of its design.

The DHL distribution hub receives around-the-clock deliveries by a wide range of road transport including vans, trucks, container lorries and double deck trailers. The ‘goods in’ area of the hub features an installation of six loading bays most of which comprise WE 574 collapsible frame dock shelters, XF 3020 dock levellers, Thermadoor sectional insulated doors and wheel guides plus LED dock and traffic lights. However, two of the loading bays, which are designated to accommodate double deck vehicles, incorporate extra height WIS dock shelters featuring revolutionary head curtains.

Upon arrival, these vehicles, which carry palletised consignments and roll cages containing boxed goods, are unloaded and individual items are placed onto conveyers that transport the boxes into the heart of the distribution hub for sorting and processing. This operation involves the breaking down of delivered loads into individual customer consignments.

Once assembled, the consignments are then transported on conveyers to specified loading bays within the hub’s pick up and delivery (PUD) section. These bespoke PUD bays, which are serviced by a fleet of Mercedes Sprinter vans, incorporate an external tapered dock seal that matches the shape of the vans. This minimises heat loss from the building during loading and unloading operations whilst also protecting personnel against adverse weather conditions.

“We are delighted to have been commissioned to supply all the loading bay equipment for this prestigious distribution hub within Manchester Airport City,” says Andy Georgiou, Stertil Dock Products’ General Manager. “Our research and development engineers worked closely with DHL to design our bespoke solution and testing of the prototype system at our works in Northampton proved its effectiveness beyond doubt. The DHL hub maintains a relentless 24/7 operation and the Stertil docks and doors help ensure that the site runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible.”

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