Leading systems integrator, Boulting Technology, is speaking and exhibiting at the Pump Centre Conference and Exhibition on May 3, 2018, held at the International Centre, Telford. Known for its pump system expertise and experience, Boulting Technology will be speaking during the main technical conference and can be found on stand A14 in the main exhibition hall.

Andy O’Rourke, senior consultant at Boulting will deliver a talk at 10.30am in the Pattingham Suite, presenting his paper titled ‘Eliminating variability is the key to enhanced resilience.’ The session will see O’Rourke discuss how a smarter approach to pump control can reduce process variation in flow, pressure and level changes and result in smoother operation of pumps and motors without start/stop operation.

He will go onto to explore the benefits of this approach, which not only include energy savings, but also reduced wear, increased uptime and reduced frequency of pump failures and motor components.

This year’s conference and exhibition has the overarching technical theme of pumping system and pump resilience, a hot topic as emphasised by industry regulator Ofwat, which will be introducing regulatory drivers for reliability from 2020. A number of methodologies of delivering high levels of resilience will be presented, including innovative and intelligent designs, asset management and quality maintenance solutions.

“As an independent system integrator, Boulting Technology has extensive experience of improving the efficiency and resilience of pump systems,” explained O’Rourke. “Our paper will assist those working in the industry to understand how a smarter approach to control can reduce process variation, including flow, pressure and level changes, resulting in a smoother operation of pumps and motors without a start/stop operation.

“The benefits of this approach not only include significant energy savings, but also reduced wear, increased uptime and reduced frequency of pump failures and motor components.”

In addition to O’Rourke’s talk, representatives from Boulting will be demonstrating a selection of the company’s products and services, including Pump Management consultancy services on stand A14. Boulting’s holistic approach, which includes surveys and testing before the implementation of changes, ensures savings are maximised across the entire system.

Boulting’s experience in the pump sector includes an award-winning upgrade to a 90 year old raw water pumping station (RWPS). This project saw the pump station benefit from an 87 per cent increase in pump efficiency and improved reliability during start up and operation, while retaining its original character and proven robustness.

For more information about Boulting Technology’s products and services, including pump system optimisation, call 01785 245466 or visit www.boultingtechnology.co.uk.