Brammer Buck & Hickman, the UK’s leading supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services, has released a range of valuable resources on bearings aimed specifically at engineers operating in the food and drink sector; these include a webinar, a dedicated website section, a product brochure, a guide to the challenges faced in this sector, and several case studies.

In the food and drink industry, bearings are faced with some of the most demanding environments to be found, required to perform across a very wide range of temperatures, subject to frequent washdowns and guided by regulations that are becoming ever more stringent; and, of course, there are cost considerations.  The choice of bearings therefore requires careful consideration.  Brammer Buck & Hickman, which has extensive experience of working with some of the biggest names in the food and drink sector, has come together with bearings manufacturer SKF to produce a range of resources to assist food and drink producers improve the performance and service life of their bearings.

A recorded webinar, hosted by Brammer Buck & Hickman and presented by SKF, is available on YouTube on the RubixTube channel. In under 40 minutes, the webinar examines the key issues that impact on bearings in the food & drink sector, with a focus on reducing risk when it comes to food safety.  It also identifies bearings that are best suited to this industry and includes a preview of the latest products and technologies due to be released.

For those that prefer to digest information in a different format, Brammer Buck & Hickman has produced two new brochures.  The first is a product brochure on SKF bearing solutions for the food & drink sector, which covers the Food Line Blue Range, Food Line Deep Groove ball bearings and SKF Fryer bearing technology.  The brochure looks at the key attributes of these bearing units and how they could benefit your production process.  The second PDF is a guide: ‘Top 3 Challenges in the Food & Drink Sector…and how to ensure your bearings meet them’.  It looks in more detail at the issues surrounding safety, cost control and sustainability in the food and drinks processing sector.  Just as importantly, it provides guidance on how to meet those challenges.  Both brochures are available to download from the food & drink industry page on Brammer Buck & Hickman’s dedicated SKF bearings section on its website:

Case studies on real world usage of SKF bearings in the food and drink sector have also been produced.

Brammer Buck & Hickman is an SKF Authorised Distributor across Europe and has an in-depth knowledge of the manufacturer’s product range, along with early access to its latest technologies.

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