Renovotec is offering a discount of up to £250 for customers who trade up to the industrial-grade Honeywell CK75 handheld computer.

Honeywell says this is 31% smaller and lighter than other ultra-rugged mobile computers and it has been optimised for warehouse and distribution environments. User benefits include easy-switch to near or far scanning and voice tasks, excellent motion tolerance and barcode read performance, a consistently fast response in low signal and poor connection areas, and the ability to withstand 8ft drops onto concrete. A cold storage version of the CK75 is also available.

The Honeywell CK75 offers easy, built-in conversion from the Windows-embedded handheld 6.5 to Android 6 operating system, without moving product – saving investment in computers and peripherals during the transition to a new Android-driven environment.

“This is the best-designed ultra-rugged mobile computer to come onto the market. It sets a new benchmark for its class and we urge users to take a closer look” says Renovotec managing director Richard Gilliard.