With the new IO-Link Bluetooth adaptor from ifm electronic, IO-Link devices can now be readily accessed using a standard smartphone. This provides a fast and convenient way of parameterising the devices, as well as making it easy to monitor their operation. The adaptor is compatible with all ifm IO-Link masters from firmware version 2.1 onward and is complemented by the ifm moneo|blue software package, which is available in free-to-download versions for iOS and Android devices.

When linked to an IO-Link master, the Bluetooth adaptor gives full access to all the sensors and other devices connected to that master and to the master itself. For many types of device, the moneo|blue software provides an intuitive graphical representation of data and settings, which makes parameterisation particularly straightforward as well as minimising the risk of error. In addition, the software can record process data from the sensors and email it as a zip file so that it can be further analysed.

To guard against unauthorised access to devices and alterations to existing parameter settings, the software incorporates a robust password-based security system.

Suitable for permanent installation in the field, ifm’s Bluetooth IO-Link adaptor is fabricated from high-grade stainless-steel and brass and has an IP67 ingress protection rating. It supports both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) and has an operating range of 10 m to 30 m, depending on the installation environment. Optional accessories include a mounting clip and pre-terminated connecting cables.