The Warehouse Technology Group (WTG), a collaboration of 19 companies, all involved in the manufacture and supply of specialist equipment or services to the warehousing and logistics industry are to be joined by Dexion as their pallet racking and shelving partner.

Twice a year the WTG opens its doors to the logistics industry at its base in Manchester, where live demonstrations and guest speakers present the very latest thinking in warehouse design, technology and operations.

At their next event on 8th October, Dexion will have installed its P90 pallet racking range to demonstrate Drive-in storage, Push-back and Pallet Flow operations, standard Wide Aisle Racking and Carton Flow, along with a new system for Garment Hanging storage which will be a first for the WTG. These will all be demonstrated alongside the other WTG partners’ products at the event.

The WTG has created a fully working warehouse located in North Manchester which is a 12,000 square feet unit fitted out by the partners. All the equipment is functional, operating and in use as the warehouse is used on a daily basis for NVQ training. Visitors on the 8th October will get to see how the technology works in a real world environment.

At the event in October, guest speaker, Simon Dixon of Hatmill, a leading logistics and supply chain consultancy, will be presenting the seminar on ‘Improving Warehouse Efficiency to Cope with Growth’. Hatmill has recently been helping a number of businesses develop new warehouses. The recent emergence of the shoots of growth in a number of sectors has increased business confidence and many companies are now investing in their infrastructure and taking on new staff to enable them to meet demand.

To find out how to improve and make your warehouse ready for the future, register for the event at using the invitation code WTG14.