With a large number of UK manufacturing companies’ factories not even reaching 3.0, Diag 4.0 offers an opportunity to close the gap through comprehensive analysis that enables the optimisation of equipment and manpower, and in turn, transformation into 4.0.

Diag 4.0, the tablet integrated Android app, is unveiled as the first item of Assystem Technologies’ global ‘Factory of the Future’ offering. The tool will measure the maturity of a manufacturing facility in its ‘Factory 4.0′ evolution. The roll out of the app aims to boost industry wide benefits for manufacturing businesses that must mould, transform and develop processes, technologies and operations to ensure capitalisation on the potential of 4.0.

The term ‘Factory of the Future 4.0’ refers to the computerisation of manufacturing the increased digitisation of manufacturing facilities. The transformation to Industry 4.0 requires significant investment from manufacturers, but data exchange is set to stimulate a rise in profits.

The industry’s rapid growth means that now more than ever businesses need to utilise tools that will elevate operations to 4.0. Assystem Technologies’ experts understand that a ‘Factory of the Future’ needs successful integration of technologies and solutions, stimulating gains in productivity and competitiveness as well as creating new business models.

Currently, the UK is the world’s ninth largest manufacturing nation, and employs 2.7 million people, Assystem Technologies’ focuses on supporting such manufacturing businesses by ensuring that its facilities are tapping into the opportunities offered by ‘Factory of the Future 4.0’.

An app was developed by Assystem’s Munich-based human-computer interface experts, alongside technical teams in France and an international pool of ‘Factory of the Future 4.0 consultants. The international specialists are trained to manage the tool and perform interviews and on-site visits, offering a comprehensive service for engineering firms across sectors.

To assess the 4.0 level of maturity, the experts spend a full day at the facility, or alternatively use the design maps, to evaluate the functional specifications of the production site. The next step is to check a large array of items across five key categories:

·         Advanced manufacturing

·         Organisations and training

·         Supply chain

·         IT and OT tools

·         Buildings and infrastructures

The whole set of data is then analysed by the tool, generating a comprehensive analytic summary, alongside an index score between 3.0 and 4.0. The index measures the gap to transform a 3.0 facility into a 4.0 one. The closer the score is to 4, the closer to 4.0 a facility is.

The criteria used by Diag 4.0 to measure the index spans across eight indicators such as the facilities’ security, eco friendliness and digital capabilities. The holistic summary includes recommended changes in order to complete the transformation. This summary can be used by engineering companies to implement changes to facilities as it provides guidance and analysis that is key to transition.