Weber’s Model 4300 Pro-Apply in-line systems combine high-quality label printing and ­application for economical, fast and accurate pressure-sensitive labelling.

Each unit features a fully integrated on-demand, thermal/thermal-transfer print engine to ­produce 203, 300 or 600 dpi text, barcodes and graphic images at speeds up to 400mm per second.

Labels up to 150mm wide and 150mm in length are printed in a cost-efficient, next-out mode, and then instantly applied to cartons or products on the production or packaging line. Using the tamp-blow method of application, a printed pressure-sensitive label is automatically peeled from its liner and retained by vacuum on the applicator’s tamp pad. The pad is then extended (adjustable between 50mm to 300mm stroke) and blown onto the package from a distance of approximately 6.0mm.

Several standard tamp-pad sizes are available, and provided in quick-change configurations. The Model 4300 Pro-Apply operates with Weber’s exclusive Legitronic software, which simplifies label formatting, editing and printing.

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