For fabrication and construction firms that need reliable and efficient welding systems that can withstand rugged industrial environments, ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced its Fabricator EM 401i, EM 401iw and EM 501w inverter-based welding power sources and associated wire feeders for MIG/MAG and flux cored welding. The 401iw and 501iw feature a factory-integrated water cooler. Fabricator

ls simplify operation by optimising arc performance for the wire and gas combination selected with predefined settings, and operators can independently adjust wire feed speed and voltage at the feeder. For process flexibility, Fabricator also provides an MMA welding output.

These units use inverter-based technology to increase welding performance to improve mobility with lighter weight, increase energy efficiency and offer more advanced controls to boost weld quality and productivity. The Fabricator EM 401i and EM 401iw have an output rating of 400 amps at 60 per cent duty cycle. The Fabricator EM 501iw has an output rating of 500 amps at 60 per cent duty cycle.

Housed in a weather-protected IP23S-rated case, the Fabricator has an air tunnel cooling design that isolates electronics from dust, oil, metal shavings and other airborne contaminants. Thick metal side panels provide impact protection. Large feet provide ground clearance and extra protection for the chassis, while its two ergonomic handles are crane rated. Because of their rugged design, ESAB offers a three-year warranty on the power source and wire feeder.

Fabricator units feature inverter-based power transformation technology. They operate at 87 per cent electrical efficiency – a 30 per cent improvement over step-regulated power sources – so they lower primary power consumption and are more environmentally friendly. An energy save mode reduces power consumption by 35 watts when the welder sits idle. These units also have a power factor of 0.91, which lowers primary amperage requirements; this may allow using more machines on the same circuit breaker or reduce worries about nuisance trips.

ESAB offers two dedicated wire feeders, the Fabricator Feed 304 and Fabricator Feed 304w water-cooled feeder. Quick connectors at the back of the Fabricator power source make it easy to connect to the wire feeder with quick and heavy duty connectors. Water-cooled variations feature the water cooler integrated into the power source and a quick connection for the torch.