Farnell has been honoured with the prestigious ‘2022 European e-Catalogue Distributor of the Year’ award by Molex. The award recognises Farnell’s exceptional efforts and commitment in expanding the Molex product line and their outstanding marketing and supplier relationships within the industry. 

The annual Molex European Distributor of the Year Awards pay tribute to the regional successes of the company’s valued distribution partners. The awards programme recognises distributors whose efforts have contributed to advancing Molex’s business across Europe.

This year’s award ceremony was held in the United Kingdom on June 27, 2023. Representatives from Farnell, including Simon Meadmore, Vice President Product and Supplier Management at Farnell Global, Andy Waller, Product Segment Lead at Farnell Global, Andreea Teodorescu, Director Global Supplier Marketing at Farnell Global, and Rob Rospedzihowski, President Sales EMEA at Farnell Global, were in attendance.

“We are delighted to receive this prestigious award from Molex in recognition of our growth supported by our product investment strategy and digital marketing efforts,” said Simon Meadmore, Vice President, Product and Supplier Management at Farnell. “This is a great team effort across the Molex and Farnell EMEA organisations.” 

Paul Keenan, Sales Director for Europe Distribution at Molex said: “Molex values the collaborations it has established with its distributors, which also serve as the foundation for these awards. Farnell and Molex share a strong relationship, based on our joint dedication to excellence and innovation, collaborating closely to ensure that our mutual customers receive outstanding service and products. We are delighted to recognise Farnell with this award.”

The award ceremony provided an opportunity for Farnell and Molex to communicate their future vision and foster collaboration toward achieving profitable growth.

Farnell provides design engineers with access to over 33,000 Molex products in stock and ready for shipment. To learn more, visit https://uk.farnell.com/b/molex