Flotronic’s ‘E’ Series pumps have proved themselves unmatched when tested to exacting performance standards by EHEDG (the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group). The ‘E’ Series offers peace of mind for the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries – and any environment or process where avoidance of product contamination is paramount.

The 10-inch version with 2-inch connections offers a pump solution ideal for customers with low to mid-range flow rate applications while customers seeking flow rates as high as 500 litres per minute will find the 12-inch pump with 1½-inch – 3-inch ideal.

Like all Flotronic pumps the ‘E’ Series pumps have been designed with ease of cleaning for all product contact and non-product contact parts. The 10-inch ‘E’ Series pump has a support stand allowing rotation of the pump for easy and effective media draining. Gravity separates the ball valves from their seats in this inverted position allowing cleaning fluids to easily drain away from the inverted delivery nozzle.

The 12-inch ‘E’ Series pump has check ball valve seats engineered to allow drainage without inversion. This avoids the need to rotate a relatively large machine and lets the 12-inch ‘E’ Series pump remain in its normal operating position.

The features of the ‘E’ Series combine with Flotronic’s unrivalled ‘ONE-NUT’ technology to reduce down time and cleaning costs, maintain and even improve sanitary levels on site, and prevent wastage with less ‘hold up’ of product. 

Reinforced diaphragms are standard on the ‘E’ Series. Reinforcing plates ensure the pumps can withstand CIP/SIP pressures up to six bar in the production line. This means the pumps can be Cleaned in Place using fully automated CIP units incorporating external CIP pumps, without the need to bypass the pump. All ‘E’ Series pumps are available with the option of BS, DIN or ISO hygienic connections.

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