Essity, one of the leading global hygiene and health companies, has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and is providing customers and consumers with an insight into the company’s vision and strategy.

The listing of Essity follows the decision to split the SCA Group into two independent listed companies: the forest products company, SCA, and the leading global health and hygiene company, Essity.

Hygiene and health are firm features in Essity’s vision and strategy, which highlights the evolving make-up of the organisation. SCA’s hygiene business had been known historically for its hygiene products and brands including TENA, Tork, Bodyform, Velvet, Cushelle and Plenty. The Essity name to be built on a foundation of both hygiene and health products.

Essity’s vision is to be dedicated to improving wellbeing through leading health and hygiene solutions, while the company’s mission is to sustainably develop, produce, market and sell value-added hygiene and health products, and services.

“When a proposed split of the company was announced last autumn we presented our new vision in which hygiene is no longer seen as an end in itself, but as a means for improving people’s health and wellbeing,” explained Thea Roberts, acting UK VP consumer goods. “The SCA split means an increased focus and the chance to diversify the hygiene and health business into new product groups.”

The opportunity to diversify into new product groups has already been kick-started following the recent acquisition of BSN medical, a leading medical solutions company.

In bringing together the company’s existing stable and strong hygiene brands in the UK with its recently acquired BSN medical brands, such as Actimove, JOBST and Leukoplast, Essity is now in a better position to deliver on its vision and mission.

In addition, Essity has reaffirmed its commitment to the ongoing global Hygiene Matters initiative, part of which includes the recent commitment in the UK by Bodyform to donate 200,000 packs of menstrual hygiene products to help combat Period Poverty. Hygiene Matters aims to drive education and a global dialogue around the importance of hygiene and promote its link to health and wellbeing with the objective being to help break taboos, and highlight the economic impact of hygiene.

“Hygiene Matters is central to our vision and will become a core part of our communications moving forward. As a hygiene and health company, we have a vital role to play in helping build a more sustainable and circular society by raising these standards all over the world – and that is certainly our ambition.”

“We fundamentally believe that more effective conversation can both improve understanding of hygiene and health challenges, and create shared value for society,” concluded Roberts.

Customers and consumers will begin to see SCA branding phased out from the hygiene business and replaced with new Essity branding over the next two years.