Safe, reliable and efficient “all inclusive” cabinet solutions from Fuji Electric

Limiting risks when your business is involved with capital projects including building construction; requiring large HVAC solutions; or transport infrastructure such as tunnels & metro (underground) where the correct air handing equipment, is paramount. The opportunity to reduce & eliminate unexpected problems is important. So, when it comes to selecting your inverter supplier, why not have a team of professionals with excellent project & application experience on hand to provide a complete VSD cabinet solution.

Fuji Electric provide such “all inclusive” cabinet solutions for their FRENIC series of VSDs with each solution designed & built based on the customer & application needs. A choice of cabinet size, inverter type and other options, depending on the application & available space, is possible.

After the initial selection, Fuji Electric take care of & arrange all the rest.

Efficient & Safe

Taking delivery of a complete and ready to install solution improves project efficiency with speed of deployment & installation time. In addition, the project manager can be safe in the knowledge that Fuji Electric have made all the required calculations based on the local environmental constraints, taking into consideration heat loss & dissipation, cabinet ventilation and installation of suitable filters to mitigate total harmonic distortion (THDv or THDi). When specifying the correct inverter for these capital project such critical specification cannot be taken lightly all aspects need to be correct – peace of mind is key, allow Fuji Electric to be build your expertise.

The Cabinet Solution (and options)

Each VSD cabinet solution is based around one of the 5 FRENIC series of inverters and then mounted in a compact IP54 enclosure for cost-efficient installation:

  • FRENIC-Ace
  • FRENIC-VG (690V and “Active Front End” solutions available)

These complete solutions are built in Europe, to ensure fast deliverable capabilities, are CE and UKCA compliant and include the following hardware:

  • VSD size: from 110 to 710 kW as a standard solution. Other sizes and capacities upon request.
  • EMC filter built-in
  • DC Reactor or AC reactor always included
  • 4 different, basic, cabinet topologies (open to customisations):
  • inverter alone
  • inverter + fuses
  • inverter + main switch
  • inverter + fuses + main switch
  • The cabinet can be height selectable for some power sizes

There are several application specific options too and the user can select from:

  • Door mounted keypad
  • Option cards available (several fieldbuses, real time clock backup battery,

Digital I/O, Analogue I/O & Temperature Pt 100/1000 options)

  • STO (SIL2 or SIL3 depending on the inverter type)
  • Door mounted touch screen (HMI)


Eliminating risks in large capital projects is a goal for every contractor or project lead. Working with Fuji Electric, with their application knowledge, provide you peace of mind with their complete inverter cabinet solution with all the environmental constraints considered – ensuring correct product selection, and a product that is ready to install.


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