Briggs Equipment has unveiled a new ‘customer experience’ suite at its Cannock head office to help customers plan new facilites from flooring, to racking right through to the handling equipment.

Briggs’ warehouse operations are led by Mark Murfet who explains: “It is more important than ever for companies to get the most out of their assets and storage space; avoiding the risk and additional costs associated with equipment not suited to their unique working environment.

“The Phoenix Suite helps us to advise on the right solutions and its heart is Yale’s 3D simulation chair and software that develops the most practical and efficient layout for  facilities as well as scenario testing for new-build or redeveloped warehouses.”

The software breaks down complex warehouse operations into the finest level of detail. It takes into account factors such as energy consumption, goods flow and order picking and replenishment regimes.

“Being involved in warehouse design, we can help clients to save hundreds of thousands of pounds by helping their operation achieve more with less space and a smaller materials handling fleet,” adds Murfet.

Briggs Equipment

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