St Clare Engineering Ltd (Grab-O-Matic) have developed a Quick Attach/Release drum handler fork attachment.  The Grab-O-Matic QR-2-DLR is a double drum handler that can be securely attached to the forks and released without the need for the truck driver to dismount from his cab.

St Clare Engineering are always looking to develop their Grab-O-Matic range of drum handling fork attachments to try and increase safety and efficiency.

The time it takes to attach and release mechanical attachments from the forks was identified as an area where improvements could be made with the correct design and implementation.

Current methods to secure attachments include T Bolt Fixings, Heel Pins or Chain & Clamps onto the forks or carriages of the fork truck.

All these involved the truck driver dismounting from his cab to secure the attachment to the forks, all perfectly safe ways to secure the units but time consuming and reliant on the operator to carry out this process, which, sadly was not always the case resulting in attachments flying off the forks causing injury to employees or damage to goods.

With safety and efficiency at the forefront of the design process, engineers set about finding ways to attach and release the attachments from the forks using mechanical means, it quickly became apparent that the carriage of the fork truck was the best place to attach the units as they are all uniform in size on a worldwide recognised scale Class 1, Class 2a Class 2b etc.

The Carriage Hook Plate was designed and developed to fit the range of fork truck carriages, it bolts permanently to the carriage and sits between the forks and just behind the front face, this means the normal day to day carrying of pallets is not compromised by the CHP.

The sprung loaded Lever Arm springs up behind the CHP when the forks are inserted and raised, this secures the unit to the fork truck and it will not release until set to the ground.

The vast majority of products that increase safety also mean the job takes longer, the unique quality of the Quick Attach/Release System is that:

  • Safety is Increased as once hooked on there is no way the unit can be released until set to the ground.
  • Efficiency is Increased as time is not wasted by the truck driver constantly dismounting from his cab to secure or release the attachments from the forks.
  • The Return on Investment can be very quick, especially if truck drivers are constantly changing from fork attachments to pallets and back again.
  • Simple and Easy to Maintain with few moving parts and spares readily available if/when required
  • Does not compromise day to day moving of pallets or other goods
  • Universal with all types of fork truck

Even if speeding up the process is not the main factor in your business, the safety element and reduced risk of accidents with the knowledge the attachments are always secured to the fork truck is good reason to choose the Grab-O-Matic QR System for your drum handlers or fork attachments.


How Does it Work:

A Carriage Hook Plate is bolted to the centre of the fork truck carriage, this then stays in place permanently as it does not interfere with the normal lifting and moving of pallets and is only 300mm wide.

The forks are inserted fully into the fork pockets and when raised a sprung loaded lever locks behind the Carriage Hook Plate and will only release when the unit is lowered to the ground, this reverses the action and the forks can be withdrawn from the unit.

This process eliminates the need for the fork truck driver to dismount from his cab to secure the drum grabs to the forks with either ‘T’ bolts or chains saving valuable time when switching attachments.

The system is safer as it reduces the risk of accidents due to the ‘I can’t be bothered to get off and secure the unit to the forks syndrome’.

This unique system Increases Safety AND Saves Time!

The Quick Release frames are universal with all current Grab-O-Matic pillars and gripping heads, this is a safe, secure and efficient way to attach the Grab-O-Matics to any fork truck, the only information we require when ordering is the size and type of carriage your trucks have and the length, width and thickness of the forks.

All the Grab-O-Matic range of fork attachments can be manufactured using the Quick Release system, increasing safety and decreasing change over times for attachments.

The video to go with this document shows the Grab-O-Matic QR-2-DLR double drum handler being secured to the forks and almost in the same movement grabbing the 2 drums, moving them, putting them down and then the drum handler being released from the forks.


For more information or to discuss in more detail please contact St Clare Engineering Ltd:-

Tel: 02380 643 402