The distinctive bright green shell of one of CFB Boilers’ 4VT Steam Boiler has been transformed with a copper overskin. This customised job was completed at the request of a client that is set to launch a microbrewery in Devon later this year. The brewery will produce real ale to help pubs and restaurants meet increasing demand for the product.

Handcrafted at CFB Boilers’ manufacturing facility in Essex, this exclusive 4VT Steam Boiler underwent an overskin process using a 12mm copper sheet – the same material that is used by coppersmiths in the brewing industry on copper tanks, vessels and pipework – to give the boiler a more traditional look. The usual bright red burner casing was also exchanged for a more complementary metallic silver finish. Ready to fire with skid, the boiler was then sited and installed by CFB Boiler’s in-house engineers at the client’s microbrewery.

Despite its copper exterior, the 4VT steam boiler still very much retains its green credentials; it is one of the most energy efficient, high performance, reliable, and low maintenance steam boilers on the market thanks to a number of class-leading innovations. These include energy-saving four-pass technology, a 30 per cent larger steam chamber, and integral heat recovery.

Additionally, the 4VT Steam Boiler boasts a start-up time of just 10-15 minutes, precise temperature delivery, a compact, tubeless design, and can be used with gas, oil or LPG.

Fans of the 4VT Steam Boiler’s trademark green colour needn’t worry though, as Derek Parish, managing director of CFB Boilers, explained: “Clients can request a specific colour or finish for our boilers and plant rooms. As well as metallic finishes, we’ve done custom paint jobs in just about every colour you can imagine to fit in with our client’s branding or other particular needs. However, most clients absolutely love the original green and red on our flagship 4VT as it brings a great pop of colour to the brewery floor.”

CFB Boiler’s 4VT Steam Boiler is available in 12 models from eight to 150HP and is manufactured by the 120-year-old steam specialist in Britain.