Hart Door Systems, the Newcastle upon Tyne-based specialist engineering company, has launched its new website which highlights the company’s choice of industrial doors including those known internationally such as its Speedor high-speed door range and its Typhoon steel shutter range.

Doug Hart, Hart’s chairman, says the relaunch is a standard procedure within a marketing plan and essential to reach its audience of existing and potential clients not just within the UK but worldwide where Hart Door Systems has completed major installation contracts from the Falklands, Russia, North America, Africa, Scandinavia and Europe.

“We are a global business with a great story to tell based on some outstanding doors which have stood the test of time. It is essential that we maintain our visibility through a first-class brand, ‘Hart’, in a competitive market place. In an increasingly challenging World we have the products that, for example, save energy, protect against storms and improve shopfloor environment.

”These are great messages to tell at a critical time for the planet. The website platform supports our brands, the range of products and services. We have a great story to tell,” says Mr Hart.

Hart’s World-leading products and services are engineered for performance, reliability and endurance to meet clients’ exacting requirements and seamlessly fit into any application, year after year.

As Britain’s first established manufacturer to develop the SPEEDOR automatic high-speed door concept, the aim throughout was to provide a first-class product, engineer for specific uses capable of straightforward installation, with knowledgeable support along the way.

The same applies for Hart’s fire protection and security shutters such as its Typhoon shutter which, as the name implies, is capable of withstanding exceptional storms as found in the Pacific and in the Atlantic as Hurricanes.

Designed for safety, fire and security sectors and typically to standards such as iso 9001/2001, Hart’s high-performance CE marked roller doors and shutters are installed by the company’s own extremely experienced team of professionals.

If temperature control and energy management is important Hart’s fast-action roll-up doors are the perfect solution. With their quality engineering and durability, Speedor high-speed doors will maintain temperatures within a  building while keeping your costs low.

Hart’s high-speed doors, security and fire shutters and its bespoke doors for strength and durability whilst being fast, functional and weather resistant.

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards using only the highest quality components, you will have your Hart door for many years to come across 35 countries worldwide.

www.hartdoors.com      tel: 0191 214 0404

International: +44 (0)191 214 0404