Over the three days of Maintec around 30 free-to-attend learnShops will be held with leading experts discussing the ­latest information on the most pressing issues within the maintenance industry.

The first speaker of the day, Ian Pledger, field service engineer for Schaeffler UK, will be talking about introducing an effective condition monitoring (CM) regime. Also speaking Graeme Coyne, business development manager at Siemens, will address the value of customer service to your maintenance operations.

Stephan Barker, head of energy efficiency & environmental care at Siemens will be discussing the top 10 energy solutions by return on investment and Jit Patel, technical sales manager from Fluke UK will be looking at vibrations analysis.

Dean Whittle training manager from Reliability Maintenance Solutions will be exploring why misalignment is so ­common, and why it is so destructive to bearings, seals, shafts and couplings.

Geoff Walker, director at Artesis LLP will be providing an insight into maintenance strategy development. Geoff explains: “Maintenance managers these days face a difficult challenge: there are so many tools and systems, vendors, initiatives and consultants all offering their solutions and all saying that their offerings are essential for achieving maintenance objectives, that it is sometimes difficult to know where to start.” 

Mike Retford, sales & engineering director at MGR Fluid Power will be showing how to keep hydraulics reliable and for those of you looking for predictive maintenance for the ­masses, Tom Murphy MD of Reliability Team will be able to show how ultrasound can bring predictive maintenance to the masses by broadening the scope far beyond rotating ­machinery to look at air, steam and vacuum leaks, steam traps, valves, hydraulic systems, lubrication and electrical problems that don’t generate heat.’