Automated Packaging Systems is increasing productivity and reliability in the void-fill and protective packaging market with its patent-pending honeycomb designed FastWrap™.

An alternative to traditional round bubbles, the channel filled honeycomb design offers flexible multi-directional wrapping for tough packaging applications. The hexagon-shaped bubbles are produced on-demand using the FastWrap system at speeds of 19 metres per minute. Unlike traditional circular bubbles, the hexagon bubble design inflates in strips, reducing bubble deflation and, as a result, the number of returns. FastWrap’s high air retention increases product protection; it’s ideal for a variety of wrapping applications including electrical components, cosmetics, hobby & craft products, glass & giftware.

The ultra-strong plastic and innovative design helps FastWrap hold its shape, making it easier for operators to pack, resulting in time-savings and increased productivity. Pre-perforated every 250mm, FastWrap bubble quilt is easy to tear and allows portion control, reducing waste from unused material. Producing more than 533 metres of protective packaging, honeycomb designed FastWrap is fed from a high-yield box and is available in eco-friendly oxodegradable and reprocessed material and clear polythene film that can be recycled. 

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