Adding ultrasonic capabilities to your industrial sieving processes can improve separation accuracy and offer a more efficient material flow, especially when handling powders. Here, Stephen Harding, managing director at the materials handling specialist Gough Engineering, looks at what you need to know about combining sieving with ultrasonics to benefit your production process.

Adding ultrasonics to your industrial sieving process adds an extra level of vibration to materials handling.

Ultrasonic vibrations, made up of inaudible soundwaves, are created by a special generator and converter that are connected to the edge of the mesh frame of the sieve. The high frequency waves then vibrate the screen to provide additional stimulation in the production process. This is especially effective when handling fine powders or delicate ingredients.

What are the benefits of using ultrasonics?

While a Gough Engineering sieve will effectively and efficiently break up any agglomerates or clumped material at its point of input into the production process, adding ultrasonics to this process takes the level of separation one step further.

The mesh within the sieve will be tailored to the customer’s inputs. However, the addition of the Gough Engineering Ultrasonics package means that the high frequency sound waves break up blockages and increase throughput and material flow. This keeps screens very easy to clean, and further minimises any downtime.

Can I add ultrasonics to my existing equipment?

Ultrasonics can be used in combination with screens sized between 50 and 200 microns. This makes Gough Engineering’s Ultrasonics Package ideal for fine powder applications. Ultrasonics are an integral part of the sieving process in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries and, for companies looking to improve sieving processes in either of these areas, the Gough Engineering Ultrasonics Package is an essential upgrade.

You should expect to see:

  • A higher sieving throughput
  • No pegging or blockages of the apertures in the screen mesh
  • Superior separation accuracy of the sieved product
  • A reduction in system downtime
  • More efficient material flow

If you’re currently considering adding to, or upgrading, your existing sieving processes, then Gough Engineering’s Ultrasonics Package is an easy addition to any of our circular and linear screens, sieves and separators.

Whatever your requirements, you can be sure that our experienced team at Gough Engineering will expertly tailor any system to your exact production needs.