Dust extraction specialist, Dustcontrol UK’s DC 2900 industrial mobile dust extractor has been awarded the Speedy Health & Safety Award.

Coupled with a suitable suction casing, the DC2900 can reduce dust emissions by almost 100 per cent in some cases and since it is also a vacuum cleaner, it is a suitable alternative to site sweeping. Design standard to Application Class H with Hepa13 filtration, cyclone separation, an open inlet flow of 190m3/hr, and a strong performance curve, the machine is said to be simple to operate and maintain.

The DC2900’s innovative design allows it to remove dust from the source of its production and effectively contain it using cyclone technology. The pleated cartridge Hepa 13 filtration means filters can be cleaned without removing them, resulting in virtually dust-free bag changes.

Phil Haskins, Dustcontrol UK, says: “The DC 2900 product is the primary barrier to stopping initial dust being released. It’s a fantastic product, and once again it’s great that it is receiving the recognition it deserves.”


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