Volume Reduction Technology

Warehouses, distribution centres and other large packaging waste producers often face the seemingly impossible task of maximising storage space. Despair around effectively dealing with this issue can sometimes point facility managers in the direction of renting out storage spaces or even moving into bigger premises.

That’s easier said than done, though, when you consider the time and money needed to action a successful move with minimal problems along the way.

If a business reaches up to 85% capacity at up to the same percentage of space utilisation, you may be decrementing movement and storage efficiency.

Therefore, it’s important to avoid exacerbation of the issue. How can businesses be expected to maximise economic efficiency, however, if the solutions available are too difficult to choose, yet at the same time seem few and far between?

The simple answer is: environmental technology

HSM baling presses reduce the volume of valuable materials by up to 95 % and, with the unmixed bales, produce a secondary raw material, which is reintegrated into the recycling circuit. Positive side effect: The bales have considerable market value when they are above a certain weight.

There’s also the added benefit, by compressing waste materials there will be less need for transportation and so less costs to be paid out. This also frees up storage space and saves businesses valuable time along the way. This is because the need to go through the lengthy process of hiring skips or sending waste to landfill is eliminated. Baling machines are provided for in-house systems, and are hassle-free and meticulously designed.

The HSM V-Press models combine the quality requirements of HSM with high profitability. Their performance and longevity make them an economical waste management solution. Environmental technologies such as baling presses generate bales that open up a selection of different logistical and financial benefits. By definition, this allows businesses to achieve a much denser volume of waste which would otherwise be sitting in a skip uncompressed, for example.

The HSM V-Press 860 plus B with sliding door and hand-wheel door lock is capable of compressing waste materials. With its wide loading aperture of 1500mm, its suitable for anybody dealing with large cardboard, plastic and foil. With a pressing force of 594 kN it has low-noise and includes energy-saving rapid traverse technology, it’s the economical and environmentally friendly solution for many disposal tasks.

Thanks to the special HSM TCS (TorsionControlSystem), the inclination of the pressing plate in all directions is continuously monitored. This prevents one-sided loads and optimises the pressing process, thus ensures a long service life and a high process guarantee. The machine is controlled and operated by a modern microprocessor control and a comfortable membrane keyboard with graphic-capable text display, which shows the actual state of the machine. The bales, with the maximum dimensions of 1200 x 780 x 1500 mm, achieve a material-dependent weight of up to 550 kilograms and are held together by a four-fold wire strapping.

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