Whether it’s the cam drive, direct drive, freely programmable redirection system corner unit, or conveyor belt system, the LS Hybrid transfer system currently in development is based on a modular design principle and allows to adapt the system even more precisely to your application needs than it was possible before. This lets the customer implement the right module with the appropriate drive technology for maximum precision or dynamics to fit the process step. The LS Hybrid can be expanded and modified at any time.

Plug and play delivery with guarantee

The LS Hybrid is said to be the only subsystem on the market with a plug and play design. The customer receives a completely hardwired transport system with process-capable frames that he only needs to plug in. The costs of construction, installation, and commissioning are reduced to a minimum thanks to this Plug and Play system solution. Before delivery, the system goes through a comprehensive functionality and quality inspection and can be set up and put into operation on-site quickly and smoothly. Upon request, customer processing times can be simulated before delivery to confirm the performance values of the entire system.

eCam modul – One design witrh many benefits

The newly developed eCam combines the classic cylinder cam with a servomotor. The movement pattern of the workpiece carrier is no longer determined just by the cam track, it is also given by the overlapping movement profiles of the cam and servomotor.

Maximum precision

With the help of the cylinder cam, workpiece carriers can be gripped, transported and mechanically locked without clearance in a single movement process – without any additional locking unit. The direct transfer of the cam movement to the workpiece carrier results in considerably faster travel compared to standard transport conveyors. Precise alignment between the cam, tread and carriage ensures short transport times and maximum precision in all directions when positioning at the process station.

Faster transport times – 20% more output

The motor is continuously held in the optimal operating position by the movement profile overlap of the cylinder cam and servomotor. This results in both significantly shorter workpiece change times, as well as higher production output of up to 60 parts per minute, depending on process time, cycle clocking and loading. The movement profile is optimised to reduce jerk, also ensuring extremely gentle transportation of the workpiece carriers without any jolts. Using a special software tool, the eCam module can be configured to optimise cycle times to fit the application. This helps you find the most cost-effective solution.

Reduced production space

The eCam principle allows you seamlessly sequence any number of cam elements with the same stroke. The use of input and output conveyors between the process stations is omitted, which reduces the length of the system by up to 120 centimetres per double cam compared to the predecessor LS 280.

Linear motor modul – Ability to freely position each workpiece carrier

Each workpiece carrier can be programmed independently and freely: position, acceleration, speed and movement direction. No specific pattern is needed.

100% synchronous with external axes

The movement sequences are synchronised using the linear motor module. This means that handling can begin even while the transfer system is still moving. Certain processes are even possible at full speed, e.g. components can be transferred without stopping the machine.

Integrated X axis operation

The linear motor module can replace a second process axis in certain machining processes, such as the application of an adhesive bead. The workpiece carrier can be configured in such a way that it moves forwards and backwards – in synchronisation with the handling components – in order to take over this task.

Redirection module

The LS Hybrid has a freely programmable redirection module based on the proven rotary indexer from WEISS. As a result, the workpiece carrier can be positioned in the curve as well, opening up free space for processes with lower accuracy requirements, such as loading and unloading sliding carriages.

Module support

The drive unit, including transport and guide systems, sits on its own module support. This can be separated from the base frame, allowing you to benefit from greater flexibility in designing your system. The robust and low-wear design enables loading up to 10kg and high process forces. Both horizontal as well as vertical setups are possible. Wear parts such as guide rails feature a modular design and can be switched out separately.

LS Hybrid – Video: www.youtube.de

For more information, please visit www.weiss-gmbh.de