After a renewed agreement signed in Spring 2018, Waberer’s trucks are not only using IDS filling stations during their international operation throughout Europe but the company group has now successfully completed the initial test period concerning IDS’s contactless payment system. The innovative service may boost effective operations at Waberer’s.

Budapest-based international long-haul transportation and logistics company Waberer’s, operating a fleet of more than 4300 truck-trailers has renewed its contract with an existing partner for its international fuel supply needs for Europe, outside Hungary. Besides supplying diesel to thousands of Waberer’s trucks daily at its European filling station network, IDS also provides an automatic, secure and contactless payment service for truck drivers supported by iAccount, an easy-to-use card management platform. Fuel payment cards are equipped with RFID (radio-frequency identification) chips with an opportunity of quick payment without stopping to pay at a cashier. The results of the first year have confirmed expectations that the innovation can significantly contribute to the effectiveness of daily operations and timely deliveries.


“Fuel consumption is key in maintaining our overall operational efficiency. Waberer’s’ cooperation with IDS not only offers an excellent price-value ratio in this area but provides us value-added, digital services that can largely contribute to a more accurate measurement system as well as decreasing downtime, a factor crucial to our success and strengthening our market leader position in Europe”, says Ferenc Lajkó, CEO of Waberer’s International Nyrt.


“We are very pleased with the trust Waberer’s placed by choosing IDS as their international fuelling partner. IDS has always prioritized an excellent customer experience when developing their systems, following the highest standards in security, control and usability. We welcome Waberer’s and support them in achieving their further ambitions while looking forward to a strong and durable cooperation for many years to come”, says Khaled Mubarak Al-Mushaileh, vice president Europe of KPI.


“For IDS, the iAccount is of great strategic importance and a key part of maintaining our position as Europe’s leading fuel card provider,” adds Azzam Al Mutawa, managing director Kuwait Petroleum Italia and Global Cards’. ‘And this technology is a big win for our customers, giving them precise management of their own fuelling resources as well as the security they crave. Available in 16 different languages, iAccount is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced solution of its kind on the market, so we believe it will only continue to produce value for our customers as they deliver their essential goods around the continent.’


IDS is one of Europe’s main fuel-card suppliers offering market leading security and control solutions as well as products and services fully focused on the needs of international transport companies. With its truck-dedicated filling stations, IDS covers all major road routes in Europe. IDS is part of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, one of the largest oil producers in the world.