With the new range of flexible LED light strips from ifm electronic, it’s now easy to provide bright shadow-free illumination in even the most inaccessible corners of machinery and plant. In addition, these versatile light strips can be used as signalling devices and displaying various colours to indicate machine status or an alarm condition.

The light strips incorporate red, green, blue and white LEDs. When used primarily for illumination, they provide pure white light, but digital inputs are provided that allow this to be changed to red, yellow, green, blue, cyan or purple light. An almost unlimited range of intermediate colours can also be generated by using pulse width modulation control.

Available in five different lengths from 62.5 to 1000 mm, ifm’s new LED light strips feature extremely robust construction and can be installed either straight, or bent to suit the requirements of the application. Optional accessories available to further aid installation include mounting profiles, cable clips and pre-terminated connecting cables.

To ensure reliable operation in even the most demanding of industrial environments, the new light strips have an IP68 environmental protection rating and an operating temperature range of -20 to +45 ºC. They are designed to be powered from nominal 24 VDC supplies and, according to type and configuration, they can produce a white light luminous flux of up to 285 lumens at a colour temperature of 4000 K.