Regular audits look at ensuring all industrial equipment is sustainable and can handle the wear-and-tear of high productivity periods, as downtime and maintenance can be extremely costly – in more ways than one. Underneath the weight of production plant machinery is also where audits need to be conducted – especially in factories where different materials, components and chemicals may be used at different times throughout an annual cycle.

Anti-Static Solutions for Electrical Engineering Facilities

Factories and manufacturing plants that handle electrical components, such as Cambridge Audio or Arcam would need anti-static floor coatings. Anti-static floor coatings may also be needed in textile and fabric handling plants, where a rogue spark could easily cause a fire.

Anti-static floor paints are just one of several epoxy floor paints available on the market in the UK for specialist purposes. They work by preventing the static conductive or electrostatic charge that can occur from contact from a person to a piece of machinery on standard flooring systems.

Sika has an exemplary range of anti-static flooring solutions, including AS (Anti-Static), ECF (Electrically Conductive Flooring) and ESD (Electro Static Discharge) systems.

Problem Solving Floor Coatings – Meeting Your Demands

Epoxy resin floor paints can be produced in a wide range of colours to match a branded colour scheme, or highlight areas of flooring – like safe pedestrian walkways, or forklift truck zones. Line marking paints can create routes around factory floors that meet health and safety criteria for visitors and casual labourers.

Hard wearing, chemically resistant and flexible to absorb shock impact, they offer industrial standard floor coatings that can ‘support’ industrial standard machinery. With many factories utilising heavy duty cleaning equipment and harsh cleaning chemicals, floor coatings that do not lose sheen nor its protective elements are a necessity.

For plants that have sub-zero conditions – such as freezer units and food packaging factory floors – a winter grade floor paint will cure at temperatures as low as -10 °C, and can offer a recoating time of 4 hours – which allows for two coatings in one day.

The Next Step

Factories and manufacturing plants which have showrooms would benefit from a uniformed floor coating throughout the premises – and this is where brand reputation can benefit from a first and long lasting impression gained from a high quality and heavy duty floor coating.

Epoxy floor paints are suitable for:

  • Food processing plants
  • Food and cold-storage units
  • Vehicle production lines
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical handling units
  • Clothing, fabric and soft furnishing manufacturing facilities
  • Showroom and warehouse depot floors
  • Production line packaging units
  • Areas where there are naked flames – welding departments
  • Under boilers, pumps and valves