Kawasaki Precision Machinery (KPM) has solved a persistent dust issue with a major AirBench installation.

As part of its production process, KPM uses air tools to finish aluminium pump bodies, producing excess dust and leading to an uncomfortable working environment.

AirBench was identified as a potential solution and following successful on-site demonstrations and testing KPM procured five AirBench units in a range of sizes. Operators are now able to work with minimal PPE said to create a more effective working environment.

AirBench takes dust and fumes away from the workspace by drawing them down through the worksurface into the internal filters and returning clean air to the room. The system is a self-contained downdraught bench, providing a dust extraction system, dust filter, and workbench, in one compact unit.

It can be operational within five minutes of arrival in your workspace requiring only unwrapping and plugging into a 13 amp socket.

T: 01206 791191