Leading roofing components supplier Klober has stepped up efforts to reduce plastic packaging in the construction supply chain.

With the aim of tackling sustainability head on, Klober will be rolling out various recycled packaging solutions over the coming months. This comes at a time when the green agenda continues to dominate headlines, with plastic waste from UK construction businesses said to have increased by 45.72% in two years according to government data in 2021.

“Plastic use in construction components remains fundamental due to the durability and longevity benefits it boasts,” explains Chris Nicholls, Commercial Director at Klober. “Therefore, opting for alternatives materials could create more waste due to shorter component lifespans and more frequent replacements. That said, identifying ways to cut back is vitally important to us as a business and as individuals. Packaging is one area that we can make a positive change.”

The construction industry is responsible for around 23% of all plastic consumed in the UK, and a report[1] published in May this year highlighted a lack of substitute materials, particularly for shrink wrap and straps. With this in mind, Klober’s pallet strapping is now made from 30% recycled content.

“We’ve introduced a range of solutions to reduce plastic consumption and feed into a circular economy,” says Chris. “For example, we now use a 100% paper tape in some cases. When making these changes, it was crucial that we balanced sustainability with product quality or safety during transport. Where plastic is still necessary, we’ve switched our tapes to PET which is the most recycled material worldwide. It’s made from 85% recycled content and is 100% recyclable.”

Since the UK’s Plastic Packaging Tax came into effect on 1 April this year, many manufacturers have revisited their plastic packaging to ensure it contains more than 30% recycled content. Klober customers have long benefitted from a variety of recycled solutions, including the Eaves Ventilation range which comes in R-PET, a material made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. However, the roofing components supplier has gone one step further.

“The plastic packaging tax was a catalyst for change, creating real incentives for businesses to do more to reduce waste,” concludes Chris. “We’re extremely proud to have made some key changes, which are functional as well as being kind to the planet. For example, not only is our shrink wrap made from 30% recycled content but, due to its 400% stretchability, the typical user will require 50% less versus conventional shrink wrap. We’re also making changes such as opting for 100% recyclable paper delivery note pouches and switching from plastic bags to biodegradable sugar cane bags for our dry ridge kit fixings.”

As part of these wider improvements, Klober is also updating packaging across its extensive membrane range to reduce waste. When it comes to installing the membrane, the packaging is often quickly discarded so the paper wrapper surrounding the roll has now been reduced from full size to A3.

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