Bollé Safety, a world leader in the design and manufacture of protective and sports eyewear, has developed their unique and exclusive PLATINUM® lens coating to provide the wearer with the highest levels of protection, clarity and vision and at the same time offering exceptional value for money.

The new unique and exclusive EN166 K and N permanent double sided anti-fog and anti-scratch Platinum coating is now available on Tryon, Baxter, Rush+, Silium+, Slam+, Ness+, Contour, Cobra, IRI-s, B808 plus 180, Atom, Backdraft, Cobra, Coverall, Tracker, Pilot, Super Blast and Ultim8 goggles. It also guarantees greater safety, reliability and comfort. This permanent coating on both sides of the lens gives them a high resistance to scratching, to the most aggressive chemicals and delays the onset of fogging. In all circumstances and at all times the Platinum lens innovation guarantees your eyes improved protection. Bolle Safety are also the first company in the world to supply all their prescription lenses with Platinum anti-scratch and anti-fog coating as standard and at no extra charge.

Platinum is available in a range of different lens options including CSP (Comfort Sensory Perception) is a revolutionary new lens coating that provides maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays and blue light. This innovative coating is an effective solution for all activities that alternate exposure to bright light and low light, while also being suitable for extreme hot and cold temperature environments. CSP is also combined with the exclusive PLATINUM double-sided K and N anti-scratch and anti-fog coating that sustainably combats fogging.

The new Twilight technology offers the advantages of our marketing leading ESP but with our Platinum permanent double-sided anti-fog coating (on both sides of the lenses) to prevent fogging in the most challenging conditions and it’s also anti-scratch on both sides of the lens. Designed and used in low light conditions, it greatly improves contrast. Its light transmission rate is perfect for indoors or outdoors, particularly early morning and late evening. Twilight filters 76% of blue light.

New to the Bollé Safety prescription range is the Tryon prescription version which offers prescription wearers a stylish Base 7 wrap-around sports frame with the latest lens technology providing optimum vision. Bollé Safety are also the only company to offer their Platinum double sided anti-scratch and anti-fog K and N coating on their polycarbonate prescription lenses as standard at no extra charge. With a range of over 20 styles to choose from and Platinum polycarbonate double sided anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses this is the perfect solution for your prescription wearers. The Bollé Safety prescription service is also very versatile with customers being able to order via the fully electronic on line Web Shop, prescription forms or the exclusive All Inclusive Prescription Pack. The Bollé Safety Web Shop gives employers full control over the whole process while allowing employees to visit the optician of their own choice. The All Inclusive Prescription Pack is the easiest 

way to purchase prescription safety glasses for your employees. Simply buy a pack from your local Bollé Safety distributor, the pack contains everything that your employee requires to order their prescription safety glasses, they just need to visit their local optician with the pack and we do the rest. Also unique to Bollé Safety is the Contour Rx, the world’s first base 8 prescription wrap around safety eye shield with Free Form Digital HD safety lens technology. Based on the market leading Contour eye shield, the prescription version gives the wearer sports styling combined with safety and protection and still meets the highest European Standard EN 1661F. All this without the complication and distractions of an insert. A truly unique product.

All versions of the above ranges are fully approved to the highest European safety standards and also incorporates the unique Bollé Safety Platinum lens expertise guaranteeing class 1 optical performance and quality. This allows the products to be worn all day, every day without any damage to the wearer’s eyesight. The lens design ensures an exceptional field of view of over 180º combined with integrated side shields and the high performance Platinum double sided anti-scratch and anti-fog coating as standard.

It is our shared commitment to provide the highest quality protection for all of our users which is why the Bollé brand is a strong brand. Ultra-innovative, materials, lenses and accessories of the all Bollé Safety and Tactical ranges have a simple goal: to prevent eye injuries, provide maximum comfort to users with design and performance and reduce cost in use.

Isn’t it time you took a fresh look at your eye protection? Contact Bollé Safety today or your local Bollé Safety distributor and ask for a sample of one of our Platinum products and see for yourself the benefits of the range. Or visit the Bollé Safety stand (SH2250) at the Safety & Health Expo for your chance to win a Bollé Ski Helmet or Cycling Helmet with matching eyewear.

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