Brady’s expert, Liz Gallagher urges safety managers to watch the company’s training film which targets the best global ­practice in hazardous energy control

A theme I have returned to again and again within the scope of these pages is the way in which we at Brady are very much a partnership team with all our customers. Let’s face it, how boring would it be to work for the same company for over 30 years if that company didn’t have an ethos that everyone felt was achieving something rather more than simply selling products?

If you build a partnership in business everyone wins: I can anticipate my customers’ needs and, in turn my customers know they can trust and rely on me to keep them up to date on everything that falls within our remit.

Take lockout tagout as an example – a highly neglected topic. Stats from the European Commission show that in 2010 there were 3,892 fatal work accidents across the 27 countries in its jurisdiction. Of course standards do vary from country to country but here in the UK we have room for improvement that’s for sure. So many accidents involve dangerous machinery that employees believe are safe to either operate or maintain. The human impact of this is almost immeasurable; not only is the worker involved affected, but the whole workforce suffers when a colleague is hurt going about their work. Acknowledging that education is a key part in communicating any safety issue, at Brady, we have developed a training film which targets the best global practice in Hazardous Energy Control. It’s designed for both safety managers and employees to help with a threefold approach to:

• Reduce work accidents

• Comply with health and safety ­legislation

• Improve business practice

Pooling all the knowledge and insight that makes us market leaders in lockout/tagout, the movie covers the four main types of equipment ie mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic and targets specific risks and how to eradicate them. Of course, a movie doesn’t prevent accidents, it’s the people enforcing the actions that do but by compiling what is the most comprehensive guide on the market, and backing it with highly visible and easy to use lockout tagout products, you are creating a truly all-round approach to the whole problem of machine safety and safe handling of hazardous energy control.

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